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Security Assessments

Allow our team to conduct a comprehensive assessment of your security practices. Our detailed reports will allow you to reinforce any weaknesses to protect your company, assets and profit margins.

Security Assessments
All companies must regularly undergo security assessments of both their physical and virtual security systems. Keeping these practices up to date ensures you are protected to the highest possible level at all times. Global Risk & Investigation Group can conduct a comprehensive security assessment of your site which will identify weaknesses and problems in your existing security practices. This enables you to make the necessary improvements which will keep your company safe and your profits secure.

Our security audits can encompass:

  • Site investigations
  • Staff tests/training sessions
  • Physical barriers, alarms, CCTV cameras
  • Landscaping
  • IT security systems
Risk Mitigation
Security Assessments

Loss Prevention

If you're losing money or assets, your company needs to implement improved security practices at once. Businesses must secure their assets and funds to continue operating as a viable organisation. Global Risk & Investigation Group specialise in preventing loss and identifying security weaknesses.

From physical to virtual security, every aspect of your organisation must be secure to minimise the risk of loss. We are able to not only conduct security audits to identify weaknesses but implement new procedures to strengthen your security. We work to mitigate the risk of loss to protect your organisation and secure your future profits. In the event of a significant loss, recent or historic, call Global Risk & Investigation Group and allow us to identify the point of entry and secure your organisation for the future.

Global Coverage and Mining and Resources Industries Specialists

International organisations are able to rely on Global Risk & Investigation Group to oversee the security of all of their divisions, irrespective of location. We travel the world to provide services to our clients and have experience working in a variety of cultures and dealing with local officials and governments. This is particularly important when it comes to security as all facilities must be upholding the same high standards to ensure no area of the company is left exposed or vulnerable.

We specialise in the following geographical areas:

  • Africa
  • Asia
  • Australasia
  • North America
  • South America

Organisations should implement blanket policies and procedures across all locations as well as site-specific protocol. When it comes to security assessments as well as risk mitigationinvestigating fraud and whistleblower allegations, you can rely on Global Risk & Investigation Group to travel wherever you require our services, always delivering the highest quality work to keep your organisation secure.

We have extensive experience working with the mining and resources industries and have travelled the globe for our clients to implement comprehensive security practices. We understand this unique industry and are able to deliver tailor-made security measures to accommodate a wide variety of site types.

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