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If your business is being negatively affected by costly insurance premiums or false claims, it is crucial to mitigate all impacting factors to secure the future of your company.

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Our experts conduct thorough investigations into fraud, whistleblowers, theft, corruption, industrial relations, misconduct, workplace injuries and other alleged incidents, working to uncover the truth and identify where liability lies.

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Security Assessments

Allow our team to conduct a comprehensive assessment of your security practices. Our detailed reports will allow you to reinforce any weaknesses and protect your company, asset and profit margins.

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Risk Management and Audits

Frequent risk audits by experts like us enable companies like yours to identify areas of risk and implement improved management practices. We deliver comprehensive reports so you understand our findings.

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Experts in the mining and resources industries

We’ve worked with some of the biggest names in the business

What we can do for you?

Risk Audits and Reporting

We conduct detailed risk audits and present our findings in a clear report format to help you make informed decisions.

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Risk Management Practices

The strict implementation of risk management policies throughout your organisation helps to mitigate your exposure to all identified risks and will secure your future profits.

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Fraud Investigations

Uncover fraudulent and fabricated claims with our expert fraud investigative team.
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Whistleblower Investigations

We can lead comprehensive investigations into whistleblower accusations and discover the truth behind these claims.

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Corruption Management and Bribery Investigations

In the event of suspicious behaviour within your company, contact us to quickly discover and eliminate internal problems.

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Security Assessments

Regular assessments of your physical and virtual security helps to keep your company safe and secure.

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Our teams are experienced and highly trained professionals.


We investigate without alerting the subjects until we’ve gathered our evidence.


We use cutting edge technology to conduct our investigations.

About Us

Global Risk & Investigation Group provides security assessments, risk management and audits and conducts investigations into workplace allegations of fraud, corruption, misconduct, injury and assault amongst other claims.
We work alongside businesses in a variety of industries, although we specialise in mining and resources. Our aim is to improve the overall practices, safety, management and security of all our clients. We help them to deliver superior services with a greater profit margin and, at the same time, protect the company and workers to the greatest degree possible.

We offer solutions to clients before, during and after incidents occur.

Risk audits, security assessments and whistleblower investigations
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Our Team

We work with a diverse group of professionals, all of whom bring their unique experience and capabilities to every project. We have our own investigation team, which includes forensic accountants, cyber crime experts and risk management specialists.

Global Risk Investigations Group
Stuart Morgan

Managing Director

Cam Darbyshire

Fraud & Operations Manager


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