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Fraud Investigations

We are able to investigate and uncover fraudulent claims and fabricated reports. Our expert fraud investigative team includes former police officers and we utilise a wide range of tools to quickly and comprehensively discover the truth.

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Whistleblower Investigations

Our team regularly leads comprehensive investigations into whistleblower accusations. It is crucial in times like these to discover the truth behind accusations as quickly as possible before implementing the appropriate responses. Global Risk & Investigation Group will be by your side every step of the way.

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Risk Audits and Reporting

Our team will conduct a detailed risk audit of your company. We then present our findings in a clear, detailed report format. This information allows you to make informed decisions, alongside our professional recommendations.

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Risk Management Practices

The strict implementation of risk management policies throughout your organisation helps to mitigate your exposure to all identified risks which will secure your future profits and protect you from foreseeable incidents.

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Corruption Management and Bribery Investigations

Internal misappropriation and other behaviours which threaten a company’s reputation and bottom line must be identified and stopped immediately. If you suspect wrongdoings such as bribery or corruption within your company, we can help discover and eliminate any internal problems.

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Security Assessments

Every company in every industry should conduct a regular assessment of their physical and virtual security. This helps to keep your company safe and secure by identifying weaknesses and offering a chance to improve existing practices and implement more up-to-date technologies.

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