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Our experts conduct thorough investigations into fraud, whistleblowers, theft, corruption, industrial relations, misconduct, workplace injuries and other alleged incidents, working to uncover the truth and identify where liability lies.

Workplace Investigations

When allegations or suspicions come to light in a work environment, the best way to discover the truth is to enlist the help of third-party professionals. Their impartiality and skillset means the case is resolved quickly and quietly, as well as ensuring no bias enters the process.

We are available to investigate a number of workplace incidents including:

  • Fraud, theft and corruption
  • Whistleblowers
  • Misconduct and industrial relations
  • Workplace injuries/OH&S
  • Alleged workplace incidents such as assault

We use a variety of techniques when investigating for our clients. These include forensic accounting, the installation of technical surveillance countermeasure such as listening devices and covert cameras, analysing computer activity and tracing the handling of paper documentation.

Any incriminating evidence we gather during our investigation is admissible in court and once we have concluded our work you are free to use this evidence to proceed with criminal charges against the accused.

Code of Conduct, Anti-Bribery and Corruption Management and Investigations

In the suspected event of corruption, misconduct or acts of bribery within your organisation, it is crucial to identify those involved and eliminate this behaviour as soon as possible. Due to the sensitive nature of these investigations, our team are discrete in their processes and work quickly. We understand the difficulties involved in these investigations and offer our clients peace of mind with our highly skilled team and complete discretion.

If you need our help to investigate suspected workplace misconduct, call immediately and speak to one of our experts.

In addition to our investigative capabilities, we are also able to develop and implement company policies which will mitigate your exposure to potential corrupt behaviour and enforce a code of conduct throughout your organisation.

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