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Some industries require specialist advice and support when it comes to their security policies. Mining companies are one such example where the level and nature of security procedures required can be unique and differ throughout the company. Even remote mining sites in seemingly inhospitable environments should not become complacent when it comes to protecting their assets. Consulting with experts will allow a mining company to recognise any problems with their existing security practices and implement a more holistic approach in the future. A basic security feature which all mines should invest in is CCTV. Linked to monitoring computers and constantly recording, cameras not only deter criminal activity but also provide evidence admissible in court in the unfortunate event of a security breach. The CCTV cameras should not only be trained over every aspect of the mining complex but also set up to alert onsite security teams in the event of unusual activity, particularly at night.
Cameras operating within the mines must be explosion protected, capable of dealing with heat, dust and UV radiation and many other unusual circumstances.

Explosives in mining

Mining procedures involving the use of restrictive explosives will require companies and individuals to undergo a security assessment. Once the license has been obtained, the mining company must continue to comply with the country’s Explosives Legislation to ensure the safety of all involved and avoid any liability on behalf of the company. Due to the high risk levels associated with operating blast crews, this form of mining is becoming increasingly less common. However, where they are still in operation their safety and the security of the explosives themselves must be regularly assessed and improved to mitigate the risks of this activity. Some mining products carry a higher risk factor. Diamonds, for example, have a considerably greater street value than coal and as such diamond mines are physically fortified in a way many others aren’t. However, the market value of all resources is subject to change at any time and therefore no functioning mine should be lax in their security measures. A combination of technological and personnel security is often used to deliver comprehensive security services. All employees, security or otherwise, must undergo background checks due to the relatively common practice of using inside men to gain intimate knowledge of the company’s security system by criminals prior to the security breach. It is not only the mine itself which requires security but also the transportation system, processing and any other links in the chain along which the resources travel from the ground to the retailer. Vulnerable moments in this system can be identified by security assessments and then the results of the audit used to improve procedures and mitigate future risks. The handling of high-value goods on a daily basis by mining companies is a practice which must be secure and protected. Implementing a comprehensive and effective security system can only occur after a complete assessment of the entire process by qualified security specialists. Once a thorough understanding of the existing practices has been established, these professionals can offer an in-depth analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the company’s current security and offer their recommendations to improve and advance security levels.

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