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A corporate security assessment allows businesses to identify weaknesses within their existing security practices and implement new protocol to reduce these risks. Every business, regardless of its size, should be aware of threats to their security system. Increasingly corporations are seeing their assets targeted technologically as vast swathes of information is now stored on computers. However, traditional security threats such as break-ins continue to occur and every effort should be taken to make the premises physically impenetrable. Basic measures businesses can take to improve their security systems include the installation of gates, locking all doors and windows, careful monitoring of CCVT systems, removal of potential hiding places in the surrounding landscape and reduction in the potential number of escape routes, security lighting, using safes for high value objects or cash and installing advanced alarm systems. Many businesses fail to take these simple measures to protect their building, making themselves a target to criminals who are scoping corporations to identify those with the lowest security measures.
Deterring unwanted attention is an important first step to avoiding incidents of thefts.

Why corporate security assessments matter

Many security breaches are not conducted independently. Employees are surprisingly often complicit in these crimes and provide those attempting to enter the premises with invaluable information enabling them to bypass alarm systems, avoid CCTV cameras and enter high security areas using legitimate but stolen codes. This is why every building security team should run employee background checks prior to hiring new staff members. In the event of an employee appearing disgruntled after their dismissal from the company, it is always a good idea to review existing security procedures and update access codes and protocol, especially if that person worked within the security department. A security assessment conducted by a third party is an impartial audit of your existing practices. Former police officers are often used to undertake these assessments as they can apply their knowledge of the law and experience of previous breach incidents to draw upon less obvious security weaknesses. Once this has been completed, the professionals are able to deliver not only their findings but their recommendations. Areas considered vulnerable in light of the assessment should be immediately addressed to defend the corporation against potential security breaches. It is far better to be proactive than reactive when it comes to security concerns and audits are the best way to identify areas requiring attention. It is necessary to undergo a corporate security assessment regularly, not only to ensure that processes are still being implemented correctly and functioning as expected but also because the tactics of criminals are ever-evolving. Out of date security systems are useless and as such practices need to be updated at regular intervals. This is one of the benefits of having former law enforcement officers involved as they often keep abreast of current trends in criminal activity and can advise clients accordingly. Corporate security assessments offer peace of mind for CEOs and help strengthen your business overall. Protect your assets by keeping your security policies up to date and effective to allow you to focus on the day to day running of the company. If your company is due or overdue for a corporate security assessment, contact Global Risk & Investigation Group and arrange an appointment with one of our qualified experts immediately.

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