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Due to the extreme nature of mining environments, it is necessary to install robust CCTV systems which will provide comprehensive surveillance coverage under any conditions. Mines must maintain high levels of security to protect valuable resources as well as enabling the monitoring of workers and machinery. However, standard CCTV systems found in shopping centres and home security systems will not be operational under the intense conditions of mines. Therefore, it is necessary to call in security groups which specialise in the mining industry to assess, recommend and install advanced, tailor-made surveillance systems. Cameras and other surveillance equipment operating within the mines must be robust enough to deal with a wide range of conditions. Industrial CCTV sets are capable of withstanding extreme heat, dust and even explosions. They also need to function in a variety of lighting settings. Some areas of the mine may be dark, providing workers with the cover necessary to steal goods, while other areas may be brightly lit by floodlights, leading to over-exposed, unclear images.
Cameras need to automatically adjust to these conditions to deliver the best quality images possible at all times.

More than a camera

Advanced security systems are capable of detecting unusual activity and alerting surveillance teams. For example, if permission is granted for workers to enter one area of the mine, CCTV cameras can pick up movement which supersedes the limits of this access and alert the appropriate authorities. This is an effective and unobtrusive way to monitor activity deep within mining structures without the stationing of personnel alongside workers. High quality video cameras are also necessary to identify theft within the mines themselves. Resources such as gold and diamonds can easily be swallowed to enable the workers to smuggle out potentially vast quantities without detection. Stilted and grainy CCTV footage may not be able to capture the action of a worker ingesting the product but specialist equipment designed to function in mines will, enabling organisations to crack down on this behaviour and provide them with legal evidence when necessary. In addition to images, it is usually necessary to install high quality audio surveillance equipment as well. Especially in areas where workers are required to go through search lanes and other security practices, it is vital to be able to hear conversations in case a group of workers are complicit in any planned theft alongside security personnel. CCTV can track not only workers but also the process of machinery and technology, alerting surveillance teams to problems or malfunctions as soon as they occur. Often mining companies will install cameras throughout any hazardous areas such as furnaces, grinding machinery and conveyer belts. This will enable them to monitor the operations and take immediate action in the event of issues. Surveillance and CCTV systems allow a mining company’s security team to constantly monitor all activity onsite and detect any security breaches or weaknesses in the system. Consequently, those looking to enter the mine without permission will need to gather information about the surveillance systems and learn how to disable them. From bullet-proof cameras to off-site control centres, the installation of a comprehensive surveillance system will enable your security team to monitor every aspect of the mining process.

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