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We specialise in the mining and resource industries where risk management is crucial and the protection of profit margins essential. We also work with retailers, hotels and other corporate bodies. We endeavour to deliver expert recommendations following thorough security assessments and risk audits which will protect your company and those working for you.

From investigating unusual or suspicious financial activity to rewriting your management policies to help mitigate identified areas of risk, we work side by side with every client to deliver personalised, high quality solutions to a range of problems. Whether you require our involvement on a one off case or want to hire us on a long-term basis, we work diligently to achieve the best results for every client.

“We provide security assessments, risk management and audits and conduct investigations into workplace allegations of fraud, corruption, misconduct, injury and assault.

Excellence and experience

Our team consists of experienced investigators who regularly conduct probing studies into accusations of fraud, theft, misconduct, corruption and difficult industrial relations. We may also be hired in the event of a suspicious workplace injury or another incident involving the OH&S. Our team always deals impartially and professionally with the aftermath of an alleged workplace incident.

Our work spans the globe and we conduct all projects in accordance with local and international legislation to ensure our clients are compliant with all applicable laws. From dealing with language and cultural challenges faced by global organisations to implementing a more efficient management system throughout your sites, we can improve your practices and increase your profits by mitigating your risks and protecting your assets.

Our team has travelled to Asia, Africa, North and South America and elsewhere in Australasia to deliver their expertise.

If it is important to you, it is important to us. We work diligently on every case we are assigned to uncover the answers and deliver the results you require.

Create a set of solutions to suit your business with a tailor-made plan for every client.

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